A Word From The New CTO

By Mars Mariano, CTO


Hi! I’m Mars Mariano – your new Chief Technology Officer. I’m truly looking forward to meeting each of you. You’ll find me (hopefully) useful, friendly, energetic and collaborative. The bottom line of my message to you is that I’m here to support you, and just as importantly your customers and their missions. I represent the front door to Global CI reach back!

The Global CI CTO role, as defined, is just as the industry desires it to be – looking and working forward, and even ahead of the game, with you and our customers, breaking through with innovations and practical know-how supporting a federal environment and contractor workforce in transformation.

My 25+ years as a hands-on technologist and 15+ years as a federal industry CTO intercept you and me in this modern era of federal transformation. Technology continues to advance at escape speeds, relative budgets decline ahead of contract adjustment, and the competition to provide innovative services to citizens has never been fiercer.

I came to work with you at Global CI because our culture has discriminately prepared us to answer the needs of a federal government in transformation. Ninety percent of Global CI employees are cleared to the Public Trust. Ninety percent of our employees possess 7+ years of industry experience, and 70% of our employees are working at the most senior staffing categories of their federal contracts. We directly support some 140,000+ federal and contractor personnel who directly provide federal services to citizens. Rhetorically and literally, what group is better positioned to support the federal mission’s transformation needs?
But we’re not waiting, we’re listening. And we’re already beginning to provide the partners and technology portfolio both clients and employees will leverage during this modern era of transformation. By the time you read this newsletter, you will find that Global CI has made investments in, and is now providing new federal capabilities in:
• Digital Voice as a Service, or as an Infrastructure
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)
• ​Cloud Computing and Brokerage
• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• Outreach as a Service (OaaS)
We are continuing to forge the corporate relations and advanced architectures that will be leveraged in transforming to the modern stack. These include big data architectures, data lake technologies and governances, and fraud and abuse platforms, just to name a few.
Not all of our industry involvement will be hardware, software, or architecture. Some of the heavy lift will leverage social technologies. And while we’ll steadily invest in mobile apps, we will also sponsor contemporary work modes such as crowdsourcing and hackathons. Crowdsourcing is a process of extending social media channels to solicit ideas and problems, and then letting a natural selection from a wider net surface the best ideas. Hackathons are social gatherings similar to yesteryear’s barn raisings – many people coming together to innovate on a problem theme. At this writing, Global CI has joined HackUMBC which hosts local area hackathons. We’ve been invited to review UMBC’s (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) March 4/5 hackathon results. Look for hackathons and crowdsourcing to become frequent work modes for Global CI. We’ll embrace and lead these projects, not because they’re ‘cool’ but because they continue to prove to be among the most productive ways to solve today’s – and tomorrow’s – problems. (Look for me to engage your ideas and solicit your support for such activities.)

So, let me please wrap this initial message:

I look forward to collaborating with you in the challenges of this modern era.
• Global CI has made investments and added services to our portfolio to support a government in transformation.

I’m here for you, so please feel free to call me 410.707.9564 or email me for any problem you or your customer might have.

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