The Evolving IT Professional 

By Chris Crouse, CIO


As a CIO I am witness to new developments and rapid changes in today’s tech industry on a near daily basis. Not only is it essential to find the right IT Professionals with the necessary core technical skills, plus specialized experience in the latest & greatest technology shifts – such as virtual computing, big data management, and cloud security – but it’s equally important to find individuals who have developed skills beyond their area of focus, skills that will complement any business overall.

• Ability To Communicate
More than ever IT has become a “Team Sport.” As IT Professionals we need to be able to contribute collaboratively in team environments with our peers. The industry today can require multiple skill sets to complete a project. The ability to communicate well with colleagues of different skill levels, background and experience is a must.

• Know Your Industry
IT is now a part of every major industry. Cultivation of core and foundational tech skills are important, and having focused skills in the industry you support is key. Whether understanding the customer focus and deliverables, or corporate operations, you should have experience and firsthand knowledge of your industry.

• Cybersecurity Awareness
Cybersecurity has become one of the most focused aspects of day-to-day IT operations. No matter what your background or IT focus you must know the core aspects of cybersecurity and how to apply those to your specialty.

Today’s IT careers are more dynamic than ever. You need to be a “jack of all trades and master of some.” No matter your particular specialty, cultivating broader skills can make you a greater asset to any organization.