Serving the Underserved

Enhance your organization’s community benefit while recouping unrecognized revenue.


Rising Bad Debt Costs

Charity care, rising unemployment, and high deductibles all contribute to bad debt for hospitals and healthcare organizations, leaving the orgs with billions of dollars in lost revenue. Due to the impact COVID-19 has had to economic activity in 2020, unemployment rates are twice their February numbers leaving millions without employer-sponsored healthcare coverage. Additionally, 40% of patients that worked before they were hospitalized with COVID-19 did not return to work due to health issues or job loss. Hospitals and healthcare organizations must account for this long-term impact to uncompensated care.

Identifying the Right Patients

Understanding the rules and requirements for government-provided coverage, such as disability insurance, medicare, or medicaid, is step one in providing the community benefit as well as providing an additional revenue stream for an organization. Global CI has a 30-year track record of successfully working in the Healthcare industry at the Federal, State, Provider and individual practice level. We help identify patients who are likely to qualify for Medicaid and Medicare, ultimately reimbursing hospitals for the services they provide as well as providing care to the under-insured and uninsured.


Easy as One-Two-Three

We Fit in Your Workflow

We can alert your case managers, strategists, or revenue-cycle folks when eligibility changes, or new accounts meet a high-dollar, high-day threshold. Our sophisticated data mining as well as AI and ML can provide immediate feedback and scoring. We will monitor patient records for changes to care that might qualify them for new coverage and alert you to a change in status.

Additionally, our solution is HIPAA compliant and can be adapted to your environment with an on-prem or cloud-based solution. We work with any EMR or data source and integrate into your existing workflow.


Significant Expertise

Global CI experts have partnered with the Social Security Administration for 20+ years and have an intimate understanding of the factors in determining disability eligibility. Additionally, the Global CI team has led multiple healthcare projects for clients. Our efforts have included implementation, support, training, application development as well as many workflow and leadership engagements showing tangible value to our clients.

Lifting Your Mission

While Global CI recognizes the need to minimize bad debt and stay afloat, we also know hospitals and care facilities have a commitment to the community they serve. We strive to alleviate the financial strain so you can focus more resources on providing quality care to your constituents.