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Rising Bad Debt Costs

Since 2000, hospitals of all types have provided more than $702 billion in uncompensated care to their patients. In 2020 alone, 47% of hospitals saw increases in uncompensated care. The trend is continuing, and COVID-19 is only exacerbating the problem.  All these factors are making it harder than ever for hospitals to meet both their bottom line and cash flow goals.  AuBiqua helps healthcare organizations reduce uncompensated care by identifying the portion of the patient population that qualifies for disability but do not realize it. Our experts walk them through the application and process. Once qualified, hospitals can then be reimbursed for services previously rendered and for future services the individual needs. (Source: Kaufman Hall 2020 Performance Improvement Report)

Identifying the Right Patients

Global CI has over 30 years of experience successfully working in the healthcare industry at the Federal, State, and Provider levels. We are experts at understanding the complex and ever-changing Social Security Administration (SSA) disability determination rules, regulations, and policies.  Using this knowledge, we developed state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms in a HIPAA compliant cloud-based environment. These leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify patients who are likely to qualify for Social Security disability leading to Medicaid and Medicare with unparalleled accuracy.  Once a patient is qualified, the hospital will be able to bill for and be reimbursed for their prior and future care. At this point the patient, their family, and community, and healthcare providers will start down a much more optimistic financial and healthcare path.


Easy as One-Two-Three

We Fit in Your Workflow

We realize the pandemic has created an even greater strain on already overworked healthcare professionals.  Because of this, Global CI is prepared to deliver results in the least burdensome manner possible.  We will work with your team to alert your case managers,  and revenue-cycle team when eligibility changes so they can take the appropriate action.  Our sophisticated data mining coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can provide immediate scoring allowing for fast and decisive action. Additionally, patient records are monitored for changes that may qualify them for benefits and healthcare coverage, alerting your team to changes in status. 

AuBiqua is HIPPA compliant and is adapted to your environment with an on-prem or cloud-based solution.  Additionally, AuBiqua works with any EMR or data source and integrates into your existing workflow.


Trust the experts

Global CI experts have partnered with the Social Security Administration Disability Determination process for 20+ years and have an extensive understanding of the factors in determining disability eligibility. As an agency Commissioner Award recipient for Health IT modernization from SSA and a “Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work” recipient for three consecutive years, we have the team and talent to execute.

Lifting Your Mission

Global CI understands your commitment to your community. AuBiqua alleviates the financial strain so you can focus on providing quality care to your patients and community. Focus on what matters while minimizing uncompensated care.

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