Global CI is shaped and influenced by external economic, social and technological changes and internal leadership that recognizes the changing environment and guides the company to utilize and affect these new realities ​to benefit our clients, partners and employees.

Mike Ziman, founder and CEO of Global Commerce & Information, Inc., and the leadership team of Michael Parrish, COO, and Chris Crouse, CIO work in concert to meet the organizational responsibilities of compliance and growth through technology, innovation, and relationships. Together they focus on maintaining an energizing influence on the entire Global CI team. We are proud of the over forty awards garnered by our team and even more so by the millions of people our work has benefited, often in very significant ways.

Mike Ziman, CEO

Mike Ziman is the founder of Global CI and serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mike has said, “I’ve been in IT so long they use to call it DP!”  Since 1978, after being awarded a Computer Operations certificate from Data Processing Institute, Mike held technical positions for small and large businesses. He entered the field as an employee and soon after became an independent consultant, then a sole proprietor, and in 1992 formed Global Commerce & Information, Inc. Mike has experience developing sophisticated systems for Health IT, Telecommunications, Logisitic Systems Engineering, Manufacturing Requirements Planning, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Manpower Resources, and Education for government, commerical and non-profit organizations. Mike oversees a great leadership team and guides Global CI in continued success and growth.He has served on the board of directors for Techserve Alliance (National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses) and was president of its Washington, DC chapter.

Michael Parrish, COO

As the Chief Operating Officer and member of the Global CI leadership team, Michael Parrish is responsible for overseeing all operations of the organization including sales, recruitment and administration.Michael is an accomplished senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in operations, human resources, information technology, strategic advising, business development, sales management, and customer service. His versatility and broad skill set have positioned him as an expert turnaround specialist and change agent particularly well-suited to today’s challenging economic environment.

Chris Crouse, CIO

As the Chief Information Officer for Global CI, Chris Crouse is responsible for driving the company’s technology strategy and managing all cyber operations.Chris has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the implementation and life cycle management of technologies across entire organizations from an enterprise level down to a small business atmosphere. A comprehensive background across several commercial and government industries has given Chris the opportunity to implement and test foundational technologies that have standardized IT management practices across the federal space and shaped national policy.