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We are passionate about giving back and getting involved through live and virtual events.

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We are dedicated to providing a productive and rewarding work environment and providing long term opportunities at competitive salaries with excellent benefits and exciting career growth.
“Since our founding in 1992 Global CI has never been removed from a project, contract or client […] because everyone at Global CI cares.”

Mike Ziman, CEO & Founder

Why Work at Global CI?

Because what we do matters. Global CI works with government and healthcare organizations helping them deliver on their missions. Our systems affect millions of US citizens and visitors every day. People live longer and have lives of higher quality that help them meet their potential to get the most out of life. Everyone who works at Global CI contributes to making the world a better place. It requires dedication, mindfulness and teamwork.

“I was commenting to a longtime client in response to her inquiry ‘That since our founding in 1992 Global CI has never been removed from a project, contract or client.’ And she replied, ‘That’s because everyone at Global CI cares.’ I think that is the truth and it humbles me to be surrounded by so many intelligent, friendly and responsible people.” – Mike Ziman, CEO, Global CI.

Competitive Benefits
Global CI offers competitive compensation and non-salary benefits to all eligible employees. We offer comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance packages, along with generous disability and life insurance policies. Global CI encourages work-life balance through paid sick leave, paid time off, vacation days, and national holidays. Our retirement plan options allow our employees to plan for the long-term.
Modern Healthcare Best Place to Work 2018 Award
Modern Healthcare Best Place to Work 2017 Award


Feel free to reach out to us through our contact page if you have any career-related inquiries.