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Data Governance

Data is one of any organization’s biggest assets, consistency and common understanding is critical to decision making. We understand that as organizations transition to more efficient operations, there is a vital need for reliable data that measures quality, cost, and productivity. We can help organize and manage that information and data across your enterprise.
  • Review and documentation of Current State
  • Identification of all data sources and documented to and from locations
  • Review and recommendations for a usable structure based on current governance framework
  • Decision Rights – Where are data decisions and how will it work within the existing governance framework
  • Roles, responsibilities and expectations for those within the Data Governance framework
  • Complete RFI and RFP services based on need
  • Archiving versus Migration, which process is best suited
  • Data Retention and Architecture, laying out best practice options
Making Data Governance part of the existing strategic and operational committees will ensure common understanding and allow the decision-making process to be consistent based on the data available.

How we do it

Our Reporting on Demand (ROD) is a custom report writing service to help clients turn a mountain of data into meaningful information.
We use data visualization tools that connect to various data sources and allow for rapid transformation of that data into user-friendly, interactive dashboards for sharing and training.
Our team pilots, develops, and implements applications in predictive analytics that our clients can use to get higher value from their existing data.
We help to design and develop databases that improve our clients’ ability to report facts, analyze trends, and predict outcomes.
We support multiple systems organizations to provide consistent, interoperable, open, secure and high-quality information within the data architecture and lifecycle.

Relevant Industries

Our solution services can be applied and tailored to clients needs across a variety of industries.
We have a 28-year history performing IT tasks and providing support to government agencies including clients with over 60,000 employees and contractors and 1,500 field offices..
Our teams optimize IT solutions enabling our healthcare clients to increase workflow efficiency, streamlined intake processes, accurate and compliant data migrations, as well as a strategic roadmap for the future.
Our Commercial Services encompass state of the art technology capability, program management, full project delivery, modernization, cybersecurity and professional staffing.