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Advisory Services

Advisory Services are provided to support Global CI clients in a wide range of areas in multiple industries. We use our experience to tailor our solutions to fit your unique business need. Our experts will become part of your team and deliver findings, recommendations and a solution path to guide you in a professional, concise and understandable manner. Our goal is to support your needs and deliver results that exceed expectations.

How we do it

We offer Quality Assurance Reviews (QARs), conducted in accordance with the Internal Audit professional standards, to provide stakeholders an inside look into their Internal Audit Activity.
Our Application Portfolio Rationalization system is designed to provide clients with an efficient way to manage their entire application portfolio assisting with controlling operating expenses, reduction of workflow conflicts, and managing technical complexity.
For new and existing CIOs, ACIOs, and Directors, the ever-expanding responsibilities of an IT role can become overwhelming. We can support and manage any operational areas that need attention.
Our teams guide clients in establishing a framework for organizing, automating and analyzing business methodologies, metrics, processes and systems that will drive business performance and assist in achieving the optimal state.
We have a proven, end-to-end, process-driven methodology that ensures you make the proper selection based upon your criteria with all the known facts available.

Relevant Industries

Our solution services can be applied and tailored to clients needs across a variety of industries.
We conduct continuous education events on topics such as Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) Solutions, Agile processes, Enterprise Data Warehouse structures, and Cybersecurity strategies.
We optimize IT solutions enabling our healthcare clients to increase workflow efficiency, streamlined intake processes, accurate and compliant data migrations, as well as a strategic roadmap for the future.
Our Commercial Services encompass state of the art technology capability, program management, full project delivery, modernization, cybersecurity and professional staffing.