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CIO & Leadership Mentoring

A CIO’s, ACIO’s or Director’s responsibilities can become overwhelming at times. When someone is thrust into a role or their role significantly changes, adapting to the new responsibilities can prove challenging. We can help ease that burden by working with you and your team to lay out clear objectives and focus on those items that require the most attention. We can also support and manage any operational areas that need attention. Mentoring Services have been provided for the following;
  • Interim CIO, CTO, ACIO and Director roles
  • Organizational Strategy and
  • Planning Controls
  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • Service Excellence
  • Risk Management
  • Business Process
  • Enterprise Infrastructure and Architecture
Any new leader assuming a position can take time to traverse the nuances of the role, regardless of whether they come from within the organization or are brought in from outside. Helping them come up to speed faster benefits the employee as well as the organization.