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IIA Quality Assurance Reviews

The growing complexity and speed of change in many industries demands a robust, risk-focused Internal Audit Activity (IAA). Quality Assurance Reviews (QARs), conducted in accordance with the Internal Audit professional standards, can assess many things and provide a level of comfort to other stakeholders who may not know how well the Internal Audit Activity is performing. Our approach to QARs goes beyond mere compliance. We add value by providing assurance that the standards are being met, evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the Internal Audit Activity, benchmarking and assessing performance against best practices and, most critically, we identify opportunities for increasing their strategic value. Services include:
  • Interim CAE (Chief Audit Executive) Roles
  • QAR Readiness Assessments
  • Self-Assessment Support
  • Full External Assessment
  • Self-Assessment with Independent External Validation
  • Internal Audit Strategy
  • Annual Risk Assessment and Planning Support
  • Improvement and Remediation Support
  • Education and Training
  • Reviews of Specific Areas of Focus, e.g. IT, Data Analytics and Continuous
  • Auditing, Stakeholder Reporting, and Succession Planning
Every project is distinct. We can, and do, refine our methodology and tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of each client.