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System Selection & RFP Development

Selection of the correct vendor to provide solutions and services is one of the most daunting tasks an organization can undertake, given the unintended costs and disruption an improper choice can create. We have a proven, end-to-end, process-driven methodology that ensures you make the proper selection based upon your criteria with all the known facts available. Our System Selection / RFP Development Services are comprehensive throughout the lifecycle. Specifically, our offering includes:
  • Executive team education – outlining what are clear expectations
  • Functional requirements across the broad spectrum of stakeholders
  • “Real Life” Scenario creation for vendor functionality
  • Assessment of vendors and their long-term viability
  • Monthly checkpoint meetings to ensure the project schedule remains intact
  • Total Cost of Ownership Reporting and contract negotiations
  • Validation of installation “roadmap” including staffing requirements, existing contract end-dates, data archiving strategies, and system decommissioning schedules
Whether it is an enterprise selection or a custom one-off application, making the right choice will have lasting impact on the organization. Partnering with Global CI allows you to take advantage of our industry knowledge whilst applying our best practice tools.