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Legacy Application Support

One of the biggest challenges for organizations implementing new applications is the strategic deployment of resources for both the implementation and the current production systems. Our Legacy Applications Support (LAS) is a managed services model that can provide high quality support for an existing suite of applications, allowing your IT staff to focus on new systems implementation. LAS is a flexible solution designed to assist with any software including vendor packages as well as home-grown applications in both onsite and blended support models.

The LAS methodology is based on a phased approach incorporating the following:
  • Planning and Due Diligence Document support processes, scope of services, and Knowledge Transfer plan
  • Transition
    • Our resources are oriented to your specific needs
      Service Level Agreements (SLAs) finalized
  •  Delivery
    • We execute the services plan and measures/reports against SLAs
  • Engagement Conclusion
    • Engagement Conclusion
      Develop and deliver turnover documentation
    • Execute any decommissioning activities
As you transition to a new application or system, it may be difficult to train the team members on new activities while supporting the old. Leveraging a proven partner may enable you to improve morale and ease pressure, help meet timelines, bring expertise that may be lacking, and improve focus on the new application or system.