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Post-Deploy Help Desk Support

We provide personnel, management tools, technical assistance, problem resolution, and troubleshooting support to enable various help desk support services for our clients. Whether requests for support via phone, in-person, or via email, we can answer questions, provide technical assistance, and work with over 60,000+ system users directly to resolve problems. Our staff always provides courteous, prompt, and respectful technical assistance, working with our clients’ time and Severity Level guidelines. Our personnel design, develop, implement, and maintain automated test methods, test data systems and test utilities for systems-level functional and UAT of information systems. Our staff serve as technical resources across a variety of IT subject areas, including hardware and software, and are instrumental in the maintenance of application software and services – especially related to Section 508 compliance. Our support results in a more streamlined development – deployment schedule, more secure, robust applications, and reduced development costs. We offer Go-Live Services that provide the program development and management of experienced resources. This comprehensive offering supplies full lifecycle guidance and support leading up to and beyond your organization’s Go-Live. Our approach assures the project completely responds to the pre-identified requirements to maximize adoption and acceptance.
  • Comprehensive project management, planning, and on-boarding
  • Go-Live scheduling and staff development
  • 24/7 at-the-elbow support
  • Go-Live strategy and roadmap development
  • Command center staffing and management
  • Training plan development
  • Pre-Go-Live training for clinical staff
  • Current configuration training for support personnel
  • Utilization of change process for identified change requests
Go-Live planning, the Go-Live event and post Go-Live support are stressful for the entire organization. Working with a proven partner that has “been there, done that” will help ease the pressures. We bring tools and proven methodologies.