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Database Deployment

We help to design and develop databases that improve our clients’ ability to report facts, analyze trends, and predict outcomes. Our systems include an integrated collection of data, including historical data, from multiple sources across SSA, rules to provide consistent answers to related questions, BI tools to allow end users to explore the data and create reports and analytic tools to discover and display statistical relationships and trends. Every database we develop uses logical and physical data design.

Our staff evaluates how developed software performs against databases by reviewing SQL performance, leveraging Postgres explain tools, and working with our client to determine how to best improve performance of the application through SQL optimization, the creation of indexes, and/or potential database redesign based on actual usage.

Our team leverages stored procedures for performing data population, data migration, and implementing complex SQL queries to meet strategic goals and critical priorities, ultimately accelerating the use of data-driven decision-making.

We perform database backup and recovery as a normal part of the deployment process. We maintain up-to-date knowledge of database administration processes like patching the database software, backing up databases, and enabling point-in-time recovery.

We also provide architectural analysis of existing software and offers recommendations to incrementally improve code quality and development processes.