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Database Maintenance

We reconfigure, upgrade, and maintain existing installations. Each application has an application schema under which all objects are stored, and synonyms created for objects with the schema with privileges granted to the pin. Since often client data is often contained in silos, it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to do cross-area analysis. We can eliminate the silos and unified the various databases. Then, through normalization, we can eliminate redundancy, increased efficiency, and improve performance at the application model level.

We support multiple systems organizations to provide consistent, interoperable, open, secure and high-quality information within the data architecture and lifecycle. We create files and tables to help structure the data and train programmers, development staff, and users of the data. We perform version control, restore data as needed, and manage rights and access to data. We collect business requirements, use open data architectures, conventional naming standards, and perform data modeling. We created logical data diagrams for data that we needed to collect.