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Planning and Design Strategies for Virtualized Systems

We evaluate planning and design strategies for virtualized systems to enable more efficient, secure functionality. Our teams evaluate the best software for hardware virtualization and help our clients better understand the requirements to set up, configure, and deploy technologies for virtualization so they can rely less on legacy systems. We identify and resolve the challenges legacy systems might present, including budgetary and resource allotments; changes in technology; changes in regulatory requirements; and evolving mission expectations of the public. Our support enables the design of a more fault-tolerant, scalable, secure, and relatively inexpensive application. We provide:
  • Architect/development team support for vendor functionality
  • Development and support of products deployed under the cloud
  • Analysis of the long-term impacts of load balancing and failover
  • Consultation, solutions, and recommendations about server requirements to support cloud deployment
  • Identification and creation of templates for cloud server (postscript, java, node based)