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Configuration, Testing, Interfacing
& Training Implementation

Whether it is a new EHR/ERP install or changes to an existing family of products, the ability to deliver a successful result depends on making sure the heavy lifting is completed in the most efficient way.

We have delivered world class EHR/ERP service on multiple occasions with many clients. In today’s rush to improve productivity, many timelines get scrunched to meet a deadline. We can help you deliver on time and within your budget to keep those timelines in place with successful results. Although the focus tends to center around cutting-edge technology, if testing, interfacing and training become secondary the true benefit of the effort will not be realized. Being able to implement a complete program or simply supplement your staff, we bring proven methodologies and templates to each engagement.

  • Configuration of your EHR /ERP and / or ancillary systems. We have worked with all of the major vendors and have senior resources ready to work with you.
  • Complete Training Plan development as well as certified training resources.
  • Integration experts that can deliver using many of the most popular interface engines (i.e. Core Point, Ensemble, eGate, OPENLink, Cloverleaf, etc.)
  • Development of your testing plans using proven methodologies as well as testing resources.