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Digital Experience & Transformation

Technology can improve the patient and family experience as well as helping caregivers. From simple things like appointment scheduling to virtual visits, those are both low hanging fruit. But what about managing care at home when the family is away from the hospital and the direct care? Using “cutting edge” standards can separate organizations and aid in assisting care and prescribing. Extending care using technology is a major component of Digital Health. Software Bots, family centric portals and integrated care delivery options are a few ways to accomplish Digital Transformation. We can integrate within your existing portal strategy.
  • Online scheduling
  • Health record management
  • Surgical simulations, great for training
  • Coordinating real time communication with school nurses and caregivers
  • Virtual reality for animated understanding of procedures as well as therapeutic entertainment
  • Wearable technology, when appropriate
  • Software Bot technology that does sentiment analysis
  • Disseminated education and learning using multiple communication channels
  • Foster family centric communication portals and communities