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Optimization & Workflow Assessments

Many of today’s health systems are implementing new EHR or ERP systems partnered with software to complete their suite of offerings. To avoid a fragmented system, you can follow the vendor’s recommended path, replace like for like, or explore the new system’s capabilities on your own. This can be a daunting task and change is not easy; we have worked with many clients preparing them for the changes that come with organizational transformation.

Focusing on optimization, all the bells and whistles are exciting and those are the things that grabs everyone’s attention. Some optimization efforts are straight forward, maybe it is new functionality and there is no need to “learn” a new way to do something. What if new functionality is replacing something that has been done for years the same way? In both cases optimization events require workflow review and assessments. Understanding the changes and the requirements of those impacted will go a long way to acceptance and speed the adaption process.

Proven tools and templates to help you accomplish the following;

  • Gap Analysis
  • Current State documentation
  • Future State documentation
  • Organizational Transformation Preparedness
  • Adaption Models for Change and Optimization

We can provide SMEs (subject matter experts) and seasoned Business Analysts to assist your team.

Working with a proven partner, the burden is relieved from your staff. We have a great deal of experience around optimization and workflow assessments. Global CI does not stop at the assessment, we work with you throughout the change and implementation.