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Training Planning

We provide training and mentoring for contractors, staff, and management as needed. In addition to the formal training Global CI conducts, we provide informal mentoring and training to new developers to help orient them to the work and eventually become full stack developers.

The growing complexity of technology solutions available today demands a new approach towards integrating that infrastructure into the facilities of tomorrow. Our approach is to help our clients achieve convergence between these disparate solutions in delivering their business needs. Our Facility Technology Services professionals provide unbiased and objective assistance in IT planning consistent with an organization’s business goals.

  • Vendor evaluations
  • Review of systems and infrastructure for interoperability
  • Management of the technology selection process
  • Collection of client requirements
  • Evaluation of emerging technologies
  • Contract negotiation and procurement management
  • Pre-implementation planning
We provide our clients with guidance throughout the vendor selection, procurement, and implementation planning efforts while remaining independent of any vendor alliances. We can help you craft the appropriate solution specific to your project’s operational goals and budget.