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The 5 T's of Project Success

Webinar: The 5 T’s of Project Success

Ever wondered why 4 out of every 5 technology projects fail?

Project Management can improve a company’s efforts in money, time, and resources. While this process is important across industries, it is especially pertinent in healthcare amidst the current state of national health services. With COVID-19 affecting the bandwidth of healthcare services and providers, many are migrating to digital systems to ease the burden on staff. However, transitioning can be tricky if not managed correctly.

Our own Alan Tackett, Senior Executive of Delivery, has over 25 years experience ensuring healthcare IT projects are delivered on-time, in-budget, and within the resources of the company. In the webinar, he discusses his best practices for project management in the healthcare space. Sign up to hear Alan and other experts share their expertise on tactical planning, metric implementation, and high-quality delivery in the link below.

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The 5 T's of Project Success

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