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Microsoft 365 – Not your Mother’s Office 365

You have probably seen over the last few months that Microsoft has made a few changes to its product offerings – “Office 365 is now Microsoft 365!”  This is not meant to confuse the consumer but give them a more comfortable perspective on the offering. 365 has always been, and for the foreseeable future, be solutions that give foundations of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Productivity Products.

Teams, Standard office tools (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote emerge as the most used products. Gartner graphs.

The architecture has evolved over the years as more and more businesses embrace the cloud. Most recently the drive to offer a more tightly integrated “Work collaboration” along with “cloud-based” solutions has driven a rush for the need of a solution provider that is easy and almost a one stop shop.

Work collaboration and cloud-based data usage considered as the key reasons for using Office 365.

Although not by any means necessary a showstopper, Microsoft makes a plethora of tools and information available for you to plan your deployment or life cycle changes. I always recommend when starting this endeavor use the “Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure”( and if needed consult a certified Microsoft Solution Provider.

2/3rds of organizations have employed or plan to employ consulting services to support Office 365. Gartner survey results.

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