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Join us at HIMSS 2022 

Global CI is pleased to announce that our session will be featured at HIMSS 2022 in Orlando, Florida. Join us Tuesday, March 15 for Revenue Recovery, Health IT and Social Security Disability. The session has been selected as 1 of 11 endorsed by HIMSS as an Executive Experience session. Global CI Chief Health IT Architect, Marty Prahl, and Alan Tackett, VP of Delivery, will take an intimate look into this subject from the perspective of experienced SSA and healthcare provider leadership. If you are a CEO, CFO, or in Revenue management of a healthcare organization this is critical knowledge. If you are looking for greater opportunity to recover more revenue and become your patients’ valued partner in their healthcare, you should strongly consider this session and engage with Marty and Alan while at HIMSS22 Conference.  

Health IT analytics and interoperability are key in improving millions of patients’ lives who apply for Social Security disability. Healthcare organizations, HIEs, and patients can see benefits by leveraging health IT to analyze medical records, identify patients who may be eligible, and share that information with the Social Security Administration (SSA) disability program. This lays the groundwork to make faster disability decisions, leading to a monthly cash benefit and Medicare/Medicaid. These chronically/terminally ill patients struggle to pay their bills. Many are underinsured or uninsured and will delay their treatment, increasing the chance that their condition will deteriorate putting further stress on the patient and healthcare system. Learn more about our session here.  

Let us explain.  Check out or send an email to to make an appointment.  It will be well worth your time. 

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